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Anti-Social Engineering the Hyper-Manipulated Self 
                                              is available in three formats:

A limited edition hardcover that is only available here
$20.40 US + Shipping from US

                             Digital formats are approximately 5 $.  


a quality 6x9 paperback
(Prices fluctuate because money is imaginary...)
$18.40 at and $18.23 at 
£13.95 at 

Also available are:
"The Rampant Ineptitude of Modernity" 
The early essays started in 2006 that would eventually become ASE the HMS.

"The 21st Century Enlightenment" 
Brian's essays from 2011.

"the Authentic Self"
The Philosophy Generator leads to the scientific Authentic Self. 
All of the philosophy, none of the commentary, from ASE the HMS.

contains the title essay,
as well as "The Root of All Evil"
which is about ending currency

All Brian's post ASE work, unedited.
No More Suffering Fools
An Anthology
of all Brian's work.

The Perfect purchase for those who want it all.