About Brian Taylor

I’m Brian C. Taylor.
I’m a writer of philosophy and social criticism but I also make films and sing songs.
Mostly, I'm a writer.
It has taken me a fair spell to come to terms with the preceding sentence but I now understand that this is what I’m meant to be doing, at least for now.
This is not a comment on any cosmic or spiritual causation, nor is it a dismissal of the same, I simply mean that as I am compelled to write these words and, dare I say it, because they turn out so well together, I think I have an obligation to this endeavour. Writing, for me, is as easy as walking down the street, writing well is not.

A philosopher is someone who does philosophy. Philosophy is the study of knowledge, reality and existence. A philosopher follows the rules of logic and has mastered the art of reason. To do philosophy, a philosopher uses his skills to theorize upon, or perhaps argue, something about either knowledge or experience. I have no degree, just a lot of lectures, books, notes and thoughts. So let it verily be said, I’m a writer first and philosopher second.

Let it also be known that I am only a social critic by necessity and sad convenience.
I wouldn’t have anything to wax philosophical about if it wasn’t for the fact that we and our beautiful planet’s potential, rest in our own, immature stewardship. It’s not that I wish to be the bearer of bad news, it just turns out that I am because the news is bad.

William Burroughs said, “A writer lives the same sad truth as everybody else, the only difference is he files a report on it.”
Despite what could easily be seen as a rather melancholy disposition, be assured that while my subject matter may be bordering on despondent chastisement at times, I remain steadfastly hopeful for our future. In fact, it could be said that I have some form of Ultimate hope.

I know that, by looking into the past, I can find examples of great achievements, be they of an individual or group.

I must assume that the potential for this greatness will continue into the future.

If within each of us, there is at least the potential for greatness and through this we could be collectively great, then it would also be reasonable to expect this potential to be realized by its necessity at the most and its desire at the least. Or, if you prefer, “we only need be great when there is great need, in our moments of necessity.”

In the end, this is what my writing attempts to address, “What will be yours, mine or our moment of necessity?”

Best Thoughts,

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